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Process Technician in Riverside, CA at OSI Group

Date Posted: 3/20/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Responsible for monitoring processing parameters and processing equipment related to the manufacturing of beans, salsas, tofu, and related food products. Also responsible for evaluating, measuring, and analyzing material and processes at all stages of the manufacturing process, ensuring efficient ongoing production. Gather data and compile reports for decisions making to ensure optimal throughput, yield, product quality and safety.

Be familiar with processes in great detail. Identify when processes deviate from the norm, and taking action to correct it or involve senior members of staff if/when they are not able to correct the problem.

Assist in monitoring yield, throughput, and other processing information (times, temps, spec deviations) that might indicate when equipment, or an operator, is not performing to standard. It is within the bounds of a Process Tech’s responsibilities to identify when additional inspections, cleaning, servicing and maintenance should be conducted. In addition, to suggest when SOPs, SSOPs, or specifications should be reviewed or modified.

Be familiar with the operation and function of the equipment used in each process. Such as: piping, pumps, tanks, flow valves, steam valves, temperature gauges, boilers, vessels, heat exchangers, steam pipes, grinder, solenoids, level indicators, Program Logic Controllers (PLCs), conveyer belts, etc. Recognize the impact on overall operations when the equipment is not working or is not operating within design parameters.


(i.e., Policies, procedures, etc. for which you are responsible.)

  • Identify deviations from these practices or any mistake made could have serious repercussions, resulting in potentially unsafe food product, off-grade or loss of product, and of course losses in productivity.
  • Secondary check of daily operational documentation to ensure accuracy
  • Reconcile consumption and finished goods and WIP/unused
  • Root cause and ultimately assist in mass balance of any reconciliation deviations for accurate inventories and complete recall capabilities
  • Identify raw material performance or compliance issues
  • Monitor equipment performance and notify respective area management of any concerns
  • Periodic daily checks to ensure processes are following SOPs and process sheets
  • Identify trends
  • Yield checks such as bag weights, scale weights, bean/broth ratio, bean hydration, chili hydration, rejected raws, leakers, etc.
  • Monitor downtime, and ensure DT is recorded and assigned correctly
  • Identify when in-process or FG product would not match specifications due to equipment, raw material, or operator deviations
  • Offer solutions for cost savings and process improvement
  • Ability to relieve Supervisors when necessary.
  • Compile reports, charts, graphs, etc, and effectively present and communicate results.
  • Assist other departments in the documentation of proper machine set-up, machine operation, maintenance and sanitation. Also assist other departments in establishing SOPs and SSOPs to achieve consistent manufacturing and product quality.
  • Monitor and report on the repair of processing equipment, including programmer logic controllers (PLCs) and other control systems, to ensure the required twenty-four operation schedule.
  • Test products throughout the process using a variety of measuring equipment and document results.
  • Analyze, evaluate and communicate results from product and equipment monitoring; adjust equipment as needed to reach targeted product specifications and throughput rates.
  • Make recommendations to management when equipment needs replacement or improvements.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable safety and environmental requirements associated with the production of all food items.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

OSI believes all persons have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. It is the policy of OSI  to provide equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all persons regardless of age, national origin, gender, race, color, religion, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.  All applicants will receive consideration for employment based on merit, qualifications and business needs. OSI participates in the E-Verify program.